Meet the Photographer

Lifestyle Family, Couples, Portraits and Event Photography


I'm a passionate lifestyle photographer specializing in family, couples, portraits, and events. With a background in graphic design and nine years of experience, I bring a unique artistic perspective to my photography. While motherhood is my primary role, photography is my true passion.

I believe in the versatility of my artistic skills, which have allowed me to succeed in various creative pursuits throughout my life. From crafting dances in my childhood to writing songs in my teenage years, and studying drawing, composition, and art history in college, I've always explored different mediums. As a professional graphic designer, I specialized in editorial design, honing my visual storytelling abilities.

However, my unwavering focus has always been photography. What started as capturing great pictures has evolved into preserving moments in time. I strive to evoke emotions through my photos, creating cherished memories for my clients to share with their loved ones.

During our session, I aim to connect with you and your family, understanding your unique story and sharing relevant life experiences. With me, you'll not only receive beautiful images but also a meaningful and engaging photography experience.

  • I've been a dedicated stay-at-home mom to two adorable toddlers for the past three years.
  • I firmly believe the Backstreet Boys are better than *NSYNC.
  • I can recite nearly every episode of Friends.
  • I have a deep love for watching and playing ice hockey.
  • I genuinely enjoy meeting new people and forming connections.

Let's capture your special moments together and create lasting memories. Contact me to book a session!

"Danielle did a wonderful job with a mini session for my 1 year old’s birthday. She got some beautiful candid shots and was so easy and helpful to work with."

Holly Burgess Ruh

What to expect once you book your session

I'll reach out within 48 hours of your inquiry to begin planning our session! I'll give location options based on where you live and what you're looking for from our session and can also help with outfit choices and any special details you may need help planning. I'm here for you with any questions you need answers to about our photoshoot!